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I see you

I know that you're feeling anxious around food.

I know that you're in a constant cycle of restriction and binge eating.

I know you're feeling guilt and shame around food and your body.

And I know that food and body thoughts are taking up way more space in your head than you'd like.

I know because I've been there.

Imagine having the mental space to live in the moment.

Imagine being able to eat a piece of chocolate without needing to eat the whole bag.

Imagine being able to keep ice cream at home without finishing the tub.

Imagine being able to truly enjoy food without guilt.

That's what peace with food is like.

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Peace with food is possible for you.

Let's get you feeling free.

Here's How We Can Work Together
3 Levels of Support to Choose From

Green Frosting Cupcakes

Peace with Food Blueprint

A 90-minute session where I'll help you:

  • Create your big vision for what peace with food means for your life

  • Create clarity around what's really keeping you stuck in the struggle with food

  • Know exactly what steps to take so you can have peace with food



Peace with Food Foundations

A 6-week program where you'll:

  • Learn and implement the foundations of peace with food

  • Learn how to eat intuitively

  • Begin to reprogram the diet mentality

  • Be fully supported with unlimited access to me


Book your Peace with Food Blueprint to get started.

Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Food & Body Freedom

The Signature Program

A 4-month experience


What to expect:

  • Put an end to chaotic eating patterns

  • Free up mental space and energy so you can live a life you love

  • Reclaim your power around food

  • Feel more easy, free, and natural around food

  • Learn the food and lifestyle habits that work for your unique body

  • Create easy, yet powerful habits that last a lifetime


Book your Peace with Food Blueprint to get started.

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