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Peace with Food Accelerator

Are you ready to create BIG momentum toward your journey to peace with food? 

Peace with Food Accelerator is a 6-week group program for the

woman who is ready to take her power  back.

You’re ready to finally feel in control around food

You’re ready to end the cycle of overeating and restriction

You’re ready to live in the moment

You’re ready to do health on your own terms


Without having to count points, calories, or macros

Without having to go on another diet

Without having to start over again every Monday

Without relying on willpower (which never really worked anyway)

In Peace with Food Accelerator, you're going to Nourish From Within.


If food rules worked, they would have already worked by now.


You get to be the expert of your body.


When you Nourish From Within you can:

Enjoy your favorite foods without losing control

Naturally choose foods that nourish you

Free up mental space so you can live your life

Work with your body instead of against it

Finally create habits that stick

In Peace with Food Accelerator, you’ll learn and implement the foundations of a peaceful relationship with food, so that you know exactly what to do to feel more at peace and in control around food.


No more guessing

No more spinning your wheels

No more falling of the wagon

No more overthinking

…So that you can actually feel the results and create habits that support your physical and mental health


Transformation only happens in the implementation.

Consistent implementation only happens with the right system, support, and accountability

Imagine what could happen if you showed up powerfully and consistently for yourself for just 6 weeks

“I am much more relaxed. I am sleeping better and eating healthier. I don’t have the tummy issues that were bothering me before joining this program.”

“I joined the program at a time in my life where I was feeling very stressed and out of control. I decided to invest in myself to start getting back in control with my life and my eating cycles. I wanted support with ending binge eating and improving my overall eating habits."

“I’ve been feeling stronger in my ability to make choices that make my body feel better, yet still be able to include foods I love.”


“The program is very beneficial. Don’t wait. Start feeling better now.”

“I am now planning meals and eating what really makes me feel good. I have energy to fulfill my work duties, and I have energy for my yoga classes.”

Peace with Food Accelerator

The Details

We start June 15, 2021

Only 10 spots available

Two investment options to choose from:

Invest in full: $597 

Payment Plan: 2 payments of $350


Invest in Full

I want to invest in full and save


Orange Cookies

 Payment Plan

I prefer the payment plan option

2 payments of $350

Peace with Food Accelerator

What You Get:

  • 6 weekly group sessions to bust through obstacles, create breakthroughs, build momentum and create accountability

  • 1 60 minute 1:1 call with Melissa for individualized support, guidance and accountability. We’ll make sure you’re set up for success.

  • Private online community to walk the journey together. Community is everything. You’ll share celebrations, aha moments, ask questions, and rise together.

  • Lifetime access to the group call replays so you can watch again and again

  • Voice message group for support and accountability. You never have to wait until our next session to get support.

    Be one of the first 5 to enroll and you’ll get a spot in the Ditch the Diet Mentality Intensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What times are we going to be meeting?

A: The group calls will take place Tuesday evenings. You also have lifetime access to the replays in case you need them. If you’re concerned about scheduling, reach out to me here and we’ll figure something out!


Q: Will I get results?

A: That’s up to you. Those who get the best results participate in the calls, implement the action steps, dive in with both feet, and ask for support when they need it. You’ll have the right system, support, and accountability. It’s up to you show up engaged and ready to implement.


Q: I’ve bought so many courses and books already. What makes this different?

A: This is not a course. This is a coaching program where you will be implementing the right steps in the right order. You’re going to be fully supported, and there’s a high level of accountability. This is guaranteed to collapse the timeline of your success so you can use your energy to move you forward, instead of trying to figure out what to do.



Imagine being able to

Go to events without stressing about overeating.

Experience new things and live in the moment.

Release fear of losing control around food.

Eat dessert without it turning into a binge.

Release anxiety and guilt around food and your body.

Finally eat and live in a way that supports your health AND happiness


Peace with food is absolutely possible for you.

Now is your time.


Invest in Full

I want to invest in full and save


Orange Cookies

 Payment Plan

I prefer the payment plan option

2 payments of $350

On the fence?

Want to talk it out?


I've got you. Click below to book a free clarity call.

We'll hop on the phone and discuss if Peace with Food Accelerator is right for you.

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