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  • Melissa Mauricio

What to Order When You're Out for Lunch

You likely already know that preparing your own food is the best way to stay in control of what goes into your body and make sure you stay healthy and energized, but sometimes life happens and you need to grab a quick bite while you’re out and about.

When you find yourself wanting to eat out on your lunch break, it’s really useful to have a few go-tos in mind. This is a great way to set yourself up for success and make sure you choose high-energy options.

You'll notice that this is not an "Eat This-Not That" post. In my private health coaching practice, I like to focus on what you GET to eat, not on what you don't. Fortunately, eating healthy does not have to boring and there are SO many nourishing foods out there to choose from that you'll never feel deprived!

Here are my go-tos and what I recommend ordering. One of the options is nationwide, one has plenty of locations in some major cities, and one sadly is only in New York and Boston but I’m hoping they'll expand soon because it’s really good!

Dig Inn

For those in Boston and New York, Dig Inn is such a great place! They offer bowls focused on fresh, mindfully sourced vegetables, and the menu varies a lot based on what’s in season.

What to order:

I always choose a base- typically farro, another similar grain, mixed greens, or no base at all. Next, choose a protein. I really like the chicken thighs. If you are not eating meat, the tofu is delicious. You get two side options with any bowl, and I always choose something green like kale, broccoli, or brussels sprouts. The other side is typically sweet potatoes or other starchy vegetable, but there are plenty of sides to choose from.


I absolutely love Sweetgreen and a good salad always makes me really happy.

What to order:

You can’t really go wrong here. I always choose a base of arugula, romaine, or kale and then choose a mix of veggies in as many different colors as possible. They have a couple of protein options like chicken and fish and plenty of plant-based options like chickpeas, quinoa, cheese, a variety of nuts and seeds, and hard boiled eggs. Sweetgreen also has some seasonal salads that are worth a try. The last one I tried was the Spring Asparagus and Herb salad and it was amazing!


Chipotle has many ways to customize and build your meal the way you want it. When I was on Whole 30 especially, this left me feeling really satisfied and energized, while staying compliant.

What to order:

Start with a salad. You’ll get a bed of lettuce, and you can always add a bit of brown rice if you want it. I love legumes so I tend to add the beans, but leave them out if you’re on Whole 30 or just prefer not to have them. I typically add chicken, but there are plenty of protein options. If you are vegetarian, the sofritas are really good! One thing I love about chipotle is that they’re always willing to add the fajita veggies (onions and green peppers) to your meal, so make sure to get some of those. The salsas have a ton of flavor and are made with clean ingredients. I always add the mild tomato (basically pico-de-gallo) and medium green salsas. The guacamole at Chipotle is so good, so add that in and you won't be disappointed!

There you have it! I would love to hear what your healthy go-tos are. If you would like to learn more about how to set yourself up for success, click here to set up a free over-the-phone Transformation Strategy Session with me. I’ll help you get clear on what your goals are, what’s keeping you stuck, and a plan of action to get you to where you want to be.

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