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  • Melissa Mauricio

What I Want You to Know About National Donut Day

National Donut Day was exactly one week ago today and if you’re anything like the me a few years ago, it may have looked something like this:

Days Before:

-Anticipate the day arriving with a nervous energy

-Tell yourself you’re not going to have anything because you are trying to reach your goal weight or body

-Tell yourself okay maybe you’ll make some healthy donuts

-Look up nutrition facts online on donuts

-Beat yourself up for even thinking about having a donut

Day Of:

-See everyone’s posts on social media with their donuts

-Fight the urge all day and be proud that you have enough willpower to say no

-Feel deprived and like you’re missing out

-Decide to have one small donut hole and look up the calories.

-Go buy your donut hole, but buy 3 full size donuts instead.

-Eat 3 donuts and feel completely out of control

-Feel terrible and guilty and shame because you can literally feel your thighs growing and how did this happen and I’ll never reach my health goals, and omg I could never tell anyone about this because I’m so ashamed and feel complete guilt. This should have never happened. Why can’t I be more like (insert name of someone who weighs less). I’m so alone. I need to go run tomorrow. I’m running five miles everyday for the next two weeks and I’m never having another donut again.

That was the old me. I’ve been through that and guess what? It doesn’t have to be like that.

You CAN have your donut on National Donut Day and it can be the exact donut you want from the exact shop you want and you can do it without the guilt, without going into an obsessive exercise mode, without the shame, and without the binge that typically follows.

You also get to forego the donut altogether because guess what? You can make any day a donut day and you get to choose when to have your donut.

I actually did not have a donut that day, but it wasn’t because of the guilt and shame I used to feel. I simply didn’t want it and when I do, I’ll be sure to go get the most delicious donut I can find.

This is what I want for you too. Life’s too short to be stuck in the cycle of binge, repent, repeat.

This doesn’t mean that you have multiple donuts every day for the rest of your life. It means that you have a healthy relationship with food where most of the time, you choose foods that make you feel nourished and strong because they make you FEEL good. And sometimes you indulge and that’s okay because it’s no longer a compulsion- it’s a conscious choice.

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