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3 Things I‘ve Learned Recently and What They Have To Do with Food

A few weeks ago I attended a retreat with the women in my mastermind. Every time I step away and create undivided attention to focus

on what I’m creating as part of my mission to help women step into the most empowered version of themselves, I learn so much.

I’m bringing this up today because ending overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s not just about food. The cool thing is that this journey really impacts all parts of your life.

Read: Finding peace with food is life changing!

So today I’m sharing three things I learned on my retreat, and what they have to do with our relationship with food.

Number 1: Community is everything

Do you ever notice how you start to pick up certain phrases and mannerisms after you’ll been hanging out with the same people a lot?

It’s the same with our relationship with food.

If you’re surrounded by people who endlessly talk about dieting, body size and food guilt, that’s what you’ll start doing too.

Which means that you’re more likely to stay stuck in the binge, repent, repeat cycle.

And you’re more likely to feel dissatisfied with your body- no matter your size.

No, I’m not telling you to cut anyone out of your life.

But what I do encourage you to do, is surround yourself with people on the same journey as you.

If you want to end overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food, there’s a huge opportunity for you when you surround yourself with people doing the same.

You’ll start to feel lifted up, rather than pulled down.

The best news is that this community is ready for you and we’re waiting for you to join us. Also, it’s free! Join us now here: Peace with Food Community for Women

You’ll see what a difference it makes when you intentionally surround yourself with people who are also ditching diet culture and finding peace with food.

Number 2: Your mindset creates your whole experience

Here’s the thing. You weren’t born hating your body. You weren’t born with a complicated relationship with food.

It was learned.

At your core, you are already an intuitive eater.

Overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food happens over time, from different messaging and experiences that we internalize.

That means that you have the power to unlearn it.

And that’s where mindset comes in.

You have so much more control over your experience than you give yourself credit for.

When you know how to implement mindset work and you practice it daily, you become the master of your experience.

This is true for your relationship with food, and also in your life.

Number 3: Reconnection happens in stillness

How often do you find yourself on autopilot, just going through the motions of life?

It’s really hard to work towards something new when your day is cluttered with the day-to-day responsibilities.

While your responsibilities may not be going anywhere, it’s so important to consciously create moments of stillness.

In my case, I had a few days of stillness at my retreat.

But you can block out even a few minutes in your day to do this too.

When you give yourself the opportunity for stillness, it’s much easier to REALLY hear what’s going on.

You’re better able to tune into your body’s cues, which is a non negotiable in Intuitive Eating.

You’re also better able to connect to your emotional guidance system to really understand what you need to feel nourished in your body and mind.

It’s impossible to hear these things when you’re running from one thing to the other.

When you’re actively practicing slowing down and tuning into what you need,

Emotional eating falls away

The urge to binge falls away

You no longer have to obsess over food

and you just feel….better

So how is this all related to your journey to end binge eating, overeating and obsessing over food?

I’ve learned a lot over the years of healing my own struggles with food and helping others do the same.

What helped me end overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food, is finding peace with food.

Once I found peace with food, I stopped having to rely on calorie counting or weird portion control tactics to feel in control- which never really worked anyway.

So I developed a system, the Peace with Food Framework, so that I could help others do the same.

This framework combines Intuitive Eating and Transformational Coaching so that you can put an end to overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food, as quickly as possible.

That means that you get “how” of Intuitive Eating, along with the mindset practices of Transformational Coaching.

This allows you to think about food and your body differently with a lot more ease.

That’s powerful.

If you are ready to explore what your life could look like when you end overeating, binge eating and obsessing over food, book your Peace with Food Blueprint to get started.

In this, session we’ll dive into what peace with food looks like for you, get really clear on what’s keeping you in the struggle with food, and we’re going to put together a game plan to get your power back.

If you have any questions about the Peace with Food Blueprint or anything I’ve mentioned today, send me an email at . I love to hear from you!

Chat soon!



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