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Peace with Food in 6 Steps

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Are you in a place where you feel anxiety around food? Maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve been on so many diets and nothing sticks. You don’t feel good in your body. You find yourself constantly out of balance, where you feel like you are good for a temporary period of time, and then lose control and eat everything in sight.

You feel like you’re close to finding the one that will finally make it all better, so you keep trying diet after diet, hoping you’ll finally find the willpower to stick to it.

If you no longer struggled with this, what would open up for you?

You’d experience a lot more peace. You’d have a lot more freedom. You’d stay in control of your food choices, instead of food controlling you.

You’d feel…free

So what’s stopping you?

It feels so far away, right? How do you even get there?

Today I’m sharing with you the steps that I take my clients through. This is the Peace with Food Framework, and I developed it based on what helped me get to a place of freedom. Through my mastery level training with Health Coach Institute and my specialty in Intuitive Eating, I learned to facilitate habit change for others.

And as you’ve heard me say before, “Change your habits, Change your life.”

Let’s dive into the Peace with Food Framework.

  1. Clarity. This is where you get to gain clarity on your vision. You have to know where you’re going. When you have clarity on where you’re going, it starts to feel possible. When you feel it’s possible, you’ll show up and take steps toward what you want.

  2. Connect. This step is all about connecting to your body and understanding what your body is telling you.  You’ll learn how to read your body’s signals and what they mean. It’s likely that through past dieting experiences, you’ve become really disconnected from your body. In this step, we’re bringing you back to your body.

  3. Nourish. Once you are able to understand what your body is telling you, this step is all about giving your body what it needs, consistently. You’ll learn to nourish both your body and mind. When you feel nourished, you have the energy and vitality to continue moving forward.

  4. Assess. In this step, we take a look at your habits and behaviors. Which habits are holding you back and how can we create habits that are in line with your goals?  We will unpack your emotional eating patterns. We’ll assess what your triggers are for emotional eating, and create a plan to address your triggers so you know exactly how to manage them.

  5. Reprogram. To create habits that last, you must reprogram your old stories and beliefs. We all have beliefs that are holding us back. When we reprogram your old stories and beliefs, you get to be different without having to remember to be different. This means that you’ll feel more natural and easy around food and your body, without feeling like you have to struggle or hustle to have it.

  6. Empower. “Empower” is where you learn to trust yourself and your body. You gain confidence in making decisions around food, your body, and your life. We put all the tools together and we create a new launching pad for the life you love. Now that you’ve freed up your mental space and energy, what do you want to create? My past clients have gone on to launch their own businesses, get their finances in order, travel, deepen their relationships, and so much more.

And there you have it.

These are the steps to take to find peace with food, but here’s the thing: you need to actually implement them to get results. Knowing information isn’t the same as implementing it.

That’s where it becomes really important to have the right system, support and accountability so you can keep taking steps toward your goal. Otherwise all you have is more information and no results.

Think you might be ready for some support?

Click here to learn about private coaching and request a free Peace with Food Discovery Call. We’ll discuss your goals and decide on the best next step for you.

Not yet ready for 1-1 support?

Come hang out with us in the Peace with Food Community for Women!  You’ll get tons of free trainings and resources so that you can start to take some steps toward what you want.

Everyone deserves to have peace and freedom, and this is your invitation to take ONE step toward that. Do it now before you talk yourself out of it!

I can’t wait to support you!



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