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Why Accepting Your Body Feels So Darn Hard

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hey there! Let's get real about why accepting your body feels so difficult.

It’s hard to talk about our relationship with food without bringing in body image. They are directly related. Many times, our issues with food stem from the desire to lose weight or make our body smaller.

Look around at all the content you consume. There are endless ads and commercials announcing the latest fad diet. We’ve internalized all these beauty standards and that thinner is better.

So you struggle.

You try diet after diet hoping that you’ll finally have the willpower to stick to it. You feel restricted. You fight against your cravings, and when you lose control, you feel like a failure. When you overdo it, you’re filled with guilt and shame- only to start all over again.

How many things have you put on hold for when you lose weight?

“When I’m thinner I’ll finally take that vacation”

“When I lose weight I’ll wear that bikini”

“When I lose weight I’ll go after that promotion”

“When I lose weight I’ll have a relationship”

and it goes deeper than that:

“When I lose weight I’ll finally feel confident”

“When I lose weight I’ll get respect from my family”

“When I lose weight I’ll feel worthy”

If you’ve tied all these things to weight loss, can you understand why it feels so important? Can you understand the grief and disappointment when the diet inevitably fails?

Accepting your body at its natural size feels like you’re giving up all these things you’re longing for. Deep down, accepting your body feels like accepting the possibility of never feeling worthy, feeling respected, feeling confident, or any of the things you've tied to a smaller body.

What would happen if you just did all these things now? What would happen if you just wore that bikini, or took that vacation, or went after that promotion- now?

You don’t have to wait.

It's not true that you have to be thin to be worthy, respected and confident- even though diet culture would like you to believe that. 

I know that hearing me say it is different than you truly believing it down to your bones, but don't worry. Transformational coaching is magical and works down to the level of your beliefs.

You might think, “accepting my body feels like I’m giving up.”

What if accepting your body is actually taking your power back?

Your body has a natural size where it wants to be and there’s not a whole lot you can do to change it anyway. Why not start living your life exactly as you want, now?

In my Food & Body Freedom program I guide you through a proven process to help you find peace with food, get off that yo-yo diet rollercoaster, and finally feel free in your body.

Your weight will naturally settle in where your body wants to be.

You’ll take steps toward the healthiest version of you.

And you’ll be much, much happier as a result.

Life is much too short to spend it unhappy in your body and at war with food.

If you are looking for some support in feeling more peace around food and your body, book a free clarity call now to take that first step.



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