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Why Intuitive Eating is the Key to Your Most Confident Self

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll hear me say that intuitive eating is life-changing.

And I say “life” because it completely changes all areas of your life, from your relationships, to your social life, your career and yes, your health.

If Intuitive Eating has been piquing your interest, it may be because you’re tired of dieting and really feeling exhausted from all the food rules and constantly overthinking about food and your body.

And it’s likely taking up way more mental space than you’d like to admit (been there!).

But you weren’t born struggling with food.

This happens over time, diet after diet, binge after binge.

How often have you blamed yourself when you’ve fallen off track or gained the weight back? Probably every time, right?

But did you ever consider that the process of dieting might be the problem, not you?

Dieting messes with our bodies and our minds.

In fact, there’s something called Last Supper Eating, where right before you go on your next diet, you’ll eat everything in sight, all the foods you love, and feel uncomfortably full…all because you think you’ll never have your favorite foods again.

It leaves you feeling out of control and like a failure, even though it’s not your fault at all.

Dieting completely erodes your sense of self-trust.

You blame yourself for failing, you don’t trust yourself around food, and you don’t trust your body to guide you.

And guess what?

When you lack self-trust around food, you lack self-trust in other areas of your life too.

And when you lack self-trust, you feel pretty powerless. Not fun.

So coming back to your most powerful self…

My signature Peace with Food Framework combines the work of Intuitive Eating and Transformational Coaching so that you can change your life.

Together they help you transform your relationship with food, which means that you no longer have to obsess about food and food rules. You no longer feel out of control around food. And you can finally break free from the chains of dieting.

You reclaim your self-confidence and open up precious mental space so that you can step into your most powerful self and create your best, most fulfilling life.

My clients have said that finding peace with food is liberating and they can finally live in the moment.

It really is life-changing and I can’t wait to show you.

To learn more about available coaching programs with me and request a free Peace with Food Discovery Call, click here.



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