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What Others Are Saying

When I first started working with Melissa, I was broken. My relationship with food was destructive, the effect it had on my emotions was consuming me, and it was also affecting my personal relationships. In attempts to eat "real" and "clean" in the previous few years, I ended up with a very distorted perception of foods that was actually causing me more harm than health. I didn't realize it; all I knew was that it was imposing on my important personal relationships and affecting those people as well.


My journey with Melissa was an exploration in safe vulnerability - which was a new experience for me. Our calls were completely judgement free and her worksheets gave me something tangible to reflect on between sessions. Melissa was completely sympathetic and understanding about all phases of my journey and all aspects of my struggles. I knew she could relate to what I was thinking and how I was feeling, and she encouraged me when I felt stuck or frustrated. 


Since working with Melissa, I have had a complete paradigm shift in how I view food and my relationship with it. I am appreciating food again, eating what I want and enjoying social situations (especially spontaneous ones!). I no longer plan my days or weeks around certain foods, nor make decisions based on what food may be involved. This freedom has also improved my life as a whole and is having a positive effect on other areas and habits. My relationship with food was all-consuming and I'm so grateful that now I am able to just enjoy life however I want. I feel like I've been given a second chance.   

*client has chosen to remain anonymous

When I first reached out to Melissa to begin my health journey, I wasn’t in a very good place. I had recently taken a job on a whim that turned out be a terrible decision. I was working constantly, eating poorly (if not enough), my weight was creeping up, and my usual weekend wine night began to become a daily occurrence. I felt like I was in chaos and losing control. 

It was on a work trip to Boston of all places, that I reached out to Melissa. I was tired of wishing for change but not seeing it come to fruition. I decided to take ownership of my life to take action towards a happier and healthier life. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


My initial plan for the journey was to lose weight, but I got so much more than that. I began to become a more confident person. I began to voice my opinions more. I began to make healthier food choices because they made me feel good. In 3 months I saw myself change more than I had in 5 years. I ran a half marathon by myself just to see if I could do it (I did). I quit my terrible job and found one that was down the street from my house and in a more advanced role that makes me feel more fulfilled. I started spending more meaningful time with my significant other and with friends. But most importantly I began to love and nurture myself more.

Melissa’s plan isn’t  to help you come up with a quick fix; it’s tailor developed coaching to help you make more mindful decisions in all aspects of your life that will turn into lifelong habits. 

Thank you Melissa for being such an inspirational mentor, coach, and friend. Thank you for helping me become my most courageous and best self.


I had always considered myself a healthy eater so it boggled my mind that no matter how well I ate, I continued to suffer from stomach discomfort.  When I began working with Melissa I really wasn’t sure what she could teach me that I already didn’t know. I quickly learned that this assumption was incorrect.  Melissa guided me methodically to a healthier lifestyle by making small changes to my lifestyle each week. Within weeks I noticed a difference in my gut health. Melissa was not only able to educate me on nutrition and health habits, but also helped me to create attainable goals and a way to achieve them.  


I have discussed my stomach issues with multiple healthcare professionals and was unable to find any relief until working with Melissa. I no longer experience the daily gut issues I suffered from four months ago. I am incredibly grateful for the healthier health habits Melissa helped me develop.


One of the first questions Melissa ever asked me was, “why did you decide to schedule this call with me?” She made me feel heard throughout the whole process and beyond; I still utilize her online materials now, even after my program ended! Melissa guided me to come to my own conclusions rather than her just telling me what to do, which empowered me to be more confident in my decision making. She always asked  “why?” which helped me stay grounded and focused as I tried out new foods and techniques. She encouraged me to utilize her as a sounding board for any and everything and was always there for me every step along the way. Melissa guided me to become more introspective and encouraged me to make decisions based on pertinent information to me as an individual! I was worried going in but Melissa’s confidence in her own work encouraged me to jump all in and I’m beyond thankful that I did!


I'm so happy we did this before I ran the Boston Marathon so I knew what worked for me throughout this whole training process. I always knew nutrition is important, but have always been able to perform without proper or the 'right' nutrition. I feel like I totally would not have been able to make it through this much training without really being in touch with what works for me nutritionally, so thank you!!!


Working with Melissa is valuable and enjoyable. I have learned better habits and regimen for my diet and exercise needs. I now feel more in control and more confident about making good choices, and I have lowered by A1C to my long-term target! I'm very happy I've continued to work with Melissa. She is a key component for my maintaining better diet and exercise habits, making good choices, keeping a positive outlook, trying new things, achieving my diabetes goals, and feeling happy and good about myself.  She is a pleasure to work with and is an excellent coach.


I've always dabbled into a healthy lifestyle, but I don't think that I'm alone in saying that it feels like driving around Boston's streets without any steering wheel. It always seemed like I was on the way to a healthier me, but without that wheel, I'd always miss that turn, hitting a barrier and halting my progress. 


Along came Melissa and finally, the car was able to upgrade and get a steering wheel at last. It's been a fun 12-week journey. It all started with goal-setting and imagining what the best way to get there is. I've known a lot more since then - from what kind of food energizes me to how these lifestyle changes would impact how I would live life. Melissa is absolutely the best and I truly appreciate her being patient when I miss a turn somewhere. I could count on her to bring me back to the right street.


I would do it all over again if I could, and the journey towards the best person one can be is and will always continue!


She's a great listener, extremely patient, compassionate, perceptive, and truly caring. Immediately I felt confident and excited to move forward- I would definitely recommend her as a health and wellness coach!


Before this program I had just gotten into a good exercise routine and lost weight, but in a calorie-counting focused way that wasn't sustainable. I was looking for a way to continue the progress I had made and create new habits to be able to maintain my weight loss, and reach my goal weight.


My biggest takeaway from the program is just the importance of listening to your own body. I've learned so much by paying attention to how certain foods make me feel, what gives me energy, and really listening to when I'm hungry or full. I'm still working my way towards my goal weight, but I'm confident I will get there and I don't feel like I'm putting unneeded pressure or stress on myself. I'm continuing the habits Melissa helped me build -  being mindful about what and how I'm eating comes more naturally to me now.

By far this has been the longest that I've stuck with working out, and I still enjoy doing it which is fantastic! The program was definitely helpful in motivating me to not give up on that.

I was most surprised by how therapeutic our sessions ending up being. I'm not usually one to open up to people or talk about personal things, but immediately felt comfortable talking with Melissa. I found that looking into how to improve my physical wellness lead to improving my mental and emotional well-being too, by being mindful about my habits and thoughts beyond food, which I wasn't expecting but am very thankful for!


Before the program started I was expecting it to be like "eat this, don't eat that, etc." but really it was so much more introspective and personalized than that.


Coaching with Melissa was wonderful! She was there for support and accountability through this journey and I always looked forward to our calls. I loved how each session built upon last, adding a new element or perspective each week. It made it easy to keep up with the program and continually dig deeper.

*client has chosen to remain anonymous

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